MBL 4 - Copper City Trails with Project Manager Tim Hawke

For this episode, the structure is a little different. While the initial intent for Money Books & Lunch was to focus on primarily money matters, we’ve been told that our original host is no longer able to participate due to the conflict of interest. Of course the conflict is that the lawyers think somehow MBL will impact the money they make. Since this is intended to be a wholesome podcast the whole family can listen to, I will remit my true feelings and bad words I would prefer to include.

In an effort to restructure, this episode is an interview with someone who I believe has demonstrated the Money Books & Lunch frame of mind - the intent is to you have all your homework complete, got your poop in a group, and are succeeding at the day. Tim Hawke fills us in on his past, preasent and steps he took to make Copper City a success.

A glimpse of Copper City’s backside, dropping over the first ridge line.

A glimpse of Copper City’s backside, dropping over the first ridge line.


Humble as he is, and avoiding the credit, we all know Copper City would never have happened without him to kick this off, and follow it through. I agree, there are many players that helped keep this project alive, and as a mountain bike rider I thank you wholeheartedly.

Sit back, and enjoy this episode as we discuss the bureaucracy that is trail building.

If you would like to help support Copper City Trails - check these links out to get more information, find out when trail work days are happening, or to donate:




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